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The Rehabilitation and Captive Care of Insectivorous Bats

The Rehabilitation and Captive Care of Insectivorous Bats

$ 50.00

The Rehabilitation and Captive Care of Insectivorous Bats

By Amanda Lollar. Illustrations by David Chapman. 
Includes chapters on rehabilitation, routine therapies, nutrition, behavior, enrichment, reproduction, caring for pregnant bats, orphan care, adult care, flight enclosures, dental issues, parasites, wing, leg and other injuries, skin conditions, blunt force trauma, insect stings, frostbite, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, euthanasia, release, hibernation, rabies, a differential diagnostic chart, a medication chart and more. 

Note - this book is sold at cost plus shipping to wildlife rehabilitators. To receive a discount code to purchase the book at cost, please send an email to info@batworld.org. 

Please be aware that international shipping may delay your order for a month or more.

To download a free copy of the book click here.

All proceeds go towards buying food, medication, and enrichment for the rescued bats of Bat World Sanctuary, and orders are fulfilled on site by staff and volunteers. Each order comes with a copy of our annual report magazine, full of stories and photos of rescued bats that your purchase helps support. Orders typically ship within 48 hours, and tracking is provided via email. For further questions, please reach out to us at orders@batworld.org. 

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